About The Film

SimbaAbout the film: 

This documentary is the story of autism service dogs, the lives that they touch, and of societies views on the world of autism.

The social environment which we live in has rules, but it is in constant flux, always changing as cultures mix, as do individuals with disabilities. This 63 minute film has conversations with volunteers and trainers, as well as respected individuals in the autism community.  But most of all, it introduces audiences to families who’s lives have been directly influenced by autism, and in turn, by these special dogs.

Weaving together information, as well as visually showing a respectful portrait of the way these dogs help in daily life, this is a picture of the autism community and the special relationships inside of it.

Rebekah & Jetson

Rebekah & Jetson

Why I made this film: 

Most of my projects deal with a subject that is personal to me, so when the idea for this film came up, it is one that definitely stood out.  I have been involved with the autism community all my life, and my love of dogs made this specific subject all that much more compelling.

Because of the high prevalence of autism, nearly every community is touched by it.  Many times when there are individuals with autism service dogs, there can be misunderstandings as to why someone who clearly isn’t blind or in a wheelchair, for example, would also have a need for a service animal.

There is also a very stereotypical view of autism held by many because of the limited awareness and projects that accurately portray it.  By making everyone in a community more aware, this leads to greater acceptance, and through acceptance the world becomes a better place.

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact me at: evcorrado@hotmail.com

– Erin Corrado (dir.)